Building Products and Contracting

Business Strategy

  • Performed sales force and customer interviews to document economic purchasing behavior
  • Quantified market segmentation
  • Assisted local field management in piloting a new operating model


  • Documented subcontracting economics and quantified impact of new approach
  • Redesigned sales force incentives, including modeling of changes in individuals' incentives
  • Analyzed sales force productivity
  • Business improved profitability from break-even to 10% EBIT

Post Merger Integration

  • Designed harmonized sales compensation for merged sales force
  • Redesigned field management incentives
  • Analyzed customer purchasing behavior to demonstrate lack of overlap
  • Constructed analytical tool to realign sales territories

Transfer Pricing

  • Designed variable transfer pricing mechanism to support redesign of profit recognition between field and factory
  • Redesigned sales and field management incentives